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Our History

Back in 1946 Harvie and Jennie Lybrand and their 3 sons, Tom, David, and Sam all moved to Edisto Beach from Aiken, SC. Harvie was employed by the Laidlaw School Book Company. He was a goal-setter and his goal was to visit every school in South Carolina. His travels brought him to Edisto Island High School, but because the road was dirt in those days he was not sure he would be able to make it all the way to the beach.

On a later trip to Myrtle Beach, Harvie was advised by a friend to “head to the coast” and purchase as many lots as he could. A wise man, he followed that advice and moved to Edisto.

In the early 1950s, Miss Jennie was out tending her garden here on Edisto Beach when a visitor stopped and asked “Where can you get a sandwich”. That was the beginning of Miss Jennie’s Tea Room on the porch at 1207 Palmetto Blvd. The Tea Room was very successful since it was the only place to “eat out” on Edisto Beach or Edisto Island.
In 1953-54 the Lybrands bought the Ocean Villa building at 1208 Palmetto. They added a dining room and kitchen and rented out rooms in the oceanfront part of the building. You could rent a room and have 3 meals a day, right on the beachfront, for $37.50 per week. 

The Lybrands started slowly buying different homes along the beach and by 1972 had 35 rentals – some just a room, some an apartment in a house, and some the whole house. The homes back then were smaller, and simpler, but families flocked to Edisto. They loved the relaxed lifestyle and felt –as they do today- that their children were safe. They liked the fact there were no traffic jams… or for that matter any traffic lights! Families could be together and play together. Even today many of the same families return year after year.

In 1973, Jennie talked her son David into buying the Ocean Villa building, which he turned into Edisto Sales & Rentals Realty Inc., so that Harvie would retire. David was already living at Edisto Beach and building the one and only golf course, at the time called “Oristo.” It was a proud day in David’s life when Harvie hit the first drive down the number one fairway. David added sales to the rental business and today the two parts of the business complement one another.
In 1975 David moved the office from the Bay Point building, then called Hudson’s, where the original Edisto Beach Yacht Club was located to the present location “on the boulevard” at 1405 Palmetto Boulevard. The building was remodeled in 1981 from 4 separate apartment units into the office it is now. 

In the early 1980s, Matthew Kizer was running a shrimp boat, the High Roller. David had been looking for some help and he’d been watching Matthew for a while. Impressed by Matthew’s strong work ethic, honesty, and ambition David finally convinced him to get a real estate license and join the firm. They’ve been together since 1984 and Matthew bought the company in 2006. Over the years the rest of the team has been assembled. First Hollace Savage, and then David’s brother Sam Lybrand came home from a successful career in Irmo, SC. Then long-time real estate specialists Edisto Johnny Black, Christopher Walters, and Pete Anderson along with Jo Ringer joined the team.

Today we can meet your every need whether you prefer a beachfront house with lots of bedrooms or a small condo near the golf course. Many of our renters come back year after year, often choosing to stay in the same home. Many decide they want a place of their own on Edisto and we can help them achieve that too. If you decide to purchase and rent out one of our properties we can handle the rental for you! And when the time comes to retire… there’s simply no place more beautiful on earth than Edisto Beach.